There are many blackjack configuration rules. For this reason the help section does not include all of them.  Pinnacle games follow mainly standard blackjack rules:

All Games Reshuffle every hand

All Games hit Dealer Soft 17

All Games have 6 Decks except Single Deck which has 1 deck

All Games have max splits of 3 except Multihand which allows 5

No charlie payouts

None of the games pay Blackjack after a split

Dealer peeks for blackjack

MultiHand and SingleHand have the same rules

                Blackjack pays 3 to 2

                Double down any 2 cards

                Double allowed after split

                Split Aces allowed but only 1 card can be taken on each Ace

                No Charlie, no Double after double and no Surrender after double

Single Deck is the same as MultiHand and Single Hand except the number of decks s 1 and the blackjack payout is 6 to 5

Spanish Blackjack does have some other rule variations that are in the help file such as push on 22.  But those are in the help file and specific to the game of Spanish Blackjack.